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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

After the Exam - Get the Right College

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Friday, November 03, 2006

GRE Experiences

Hii friends. I am posting below the actual gre experiences of people - which they have put down in the gre community on orkut.
  • I am Sakshar Thakkar from BARODA.
    Yesterday I had my GRE.
    Got 1260 Q-790 V-470.
    I am very thankful to the whole community.

    Some words which i remember:
    Crone, Prudent, Demoniac, Therapeutic, Splentetic, Yield,
    Procastinate, Hackneyed

    there were 3 RCs of 50,30 n 120 lines.
    which took more time.

    In quant:
    first sum was very easy..
    Then there were 3 to 4 sums from Geometry
    DI was bit tough
    One sum was on Standard Deviation.
    Word problems were also tough
    Do the first 10 questions very carefully coz it will decide the range of ur score. If ur first 10 are right ur score would be above 750.
  • Nik: Hey guys 1480 ..
    800 Q and 680 V
    new delhi center ...

    Maths was very easy ...finished it 12 mins to spare ...5-6 questions got repeated ...

    My advice would be to learn Barron's words ...Sentences were a bit tricky ...get some good practice from Barron's and Kaplan ...
    RC were easy if you had time to read all the passage...
    RC was of 80-60-60 lines....
    Analogies and antonyms had normal Barron's words and also 2-3 non-barron and non-oct thread words ....
    My advice would be to do each question very carefully ...Then its not tough at all ... I got a research section also ...skipped it!!
  • Abhishek: Hi all,
    I had been a passive user of this communtiy ....and well I gave my GRE on 26 Oct and got a score of 1380(800Q + 580V). Quant was really cool ...u do not need to spend more than 2 hrs preparing fr it..

    Regarding verbal my experience was very horrifying.... at first all words were from barrons and sort.... and as far as I know I got the first 9 correct in abt 9 mins then I got a really tough RC based on some "painting philosophy" and the first question had five options each having abt 5 lines each so I spent abt 5 mins just reading those and wasn't able to comprehend any of it and screwed up my 5 mins without any answer .....after that it was just a race against time as i half read the next 2 comprehensions and answered very casually ...just completing my verbal part.

    So just an advice PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! do not spend more than 2-3 mins on reading any RC or better read the ques first and then try to answer it from the RC(might not always help)...but please keep an eye on the remaining it is said in the barrons "ur first objective should be to get to the ques which u can answer"
These were the GRE experiences of 3 different people with different levels of thinking and difficulties to give u fair idea of how it can be.

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