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Sunday, October 15, 2006

GRE Prep Materials - latest additions

Hi. Hope your gre test prep is going well. For those who cannot afford gre prep classes due to lack of money or time, online gre prep is the best option! Of course, a gre prep course is always recommneded because we tend to study better in a group...alone can be boring!

But why to waste money when you have blogs like mine for free gre test prep !

Below are the latest useful downloads for the GRE preparation:

  • Barrons GRE Flash Cards (pdf,842kb) : Barron's flash cards for GRE is one of the best resources for learning up the barrons gre wordlist...
  • GRE Maths Revesion by ETS (pdf,1mb) : GRE Maths revision guide by ETS is a nice quickfire aid to revsising the gre quant section just...
  • Antonym Software (rar) : a handy tool for gre verbal preparation, of which antonyms are a formidable part...
For vocab enhancing softwares (wordhacker, vocaboly etc) already posted on this blog, please scroll down or click here.

Similarly, for essential gre score improving material like Barrons Verbal Workbook, Nova, Kaplan verbal workbook etc, scroll down even further, or click here.

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all the best!

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