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Saturday, May 22, 2010

New GRE Prep Material for 2010

After a long time I'm making available some new study material for your GRE preparation needs. Remember a whole bunch of other stuff like Kaplan verbal Workbook, GRE Big Book etc are already available on this blog (find them using navigation on the right hand sidebar).
Here's the new stuff for you guys to download:

1. Peterson's Master The GRE 2009 - download here
Its an ebook, not highly rated like Barrons or Kaplan but not too bad either. CD rom not included.

2. Kaplan CD companion to the GRE - download here
This s a very useful CD for the students who are preparing for the GRE test…. I dont kno whether its the latest version but tiz for the current syllabus which s valid till September 2007, which means its still valid now because there have been no changes since then in the GRE syllabus.

3. List of Universitites that come under the GRE - download here
I believe a lot of people who have subscribed to this blog by email have already given their GRE exam, so they don't need to know about new material being available. You can safely unsubscribe from Online GRE Preparation in that case. If possible please post your experience of the GRE in the comments section here.

Much appreciated.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

GRE Questions and Answers

1. Hema: Hi all. m a 2nd yr student of Journalism n Mass Communication.i wish 2 study abroad in d same field n plannin 2 apply 4 GRE nxt yr in any1 plz tl me wot score do v need to get in ordr 2 get a univrsty Scholarship???
Answer: 1200 would be an ideal score. Make sure you do particularly well in the verbal section
2. Hema:  Is it a gud score enough to get a scholarship???
Usually if you get a perfect score...u will in all probability get a scholarship. In many cases 1400+ scores manage to get some sort of scholarhsip - if you have relevant education or experience then that also helps

Answer by another poster: You have lots of time to complete gre...but make it sure dat u r done wit it by da end of u r an engg student, u don need to worry about quant...even if u dunno anythng u can finish quant in 1 to 2 months time...if u r aimig high,u need to crack verbal...daily do wrdlists from barrons...just one wrdlist is enough...practice r.c's and analogies...
If its too early means u will be writing gre nxt june or july and many ppl r saying dat gre pattern will be changing by nxt aug...but the key areas wont change mostly...wat i heard is dey will be giving more of r.c's and analogies dan antonyms...

4. Yingy:  I got 800 for Quantitative score, 320 for Verbal score. How can I improve my verbal skill? Do you have any Games like hang man so that i can download to develop my skill.
Answer: Hi Yingy, there are some softwares that you can use to improve your verbal skills. One is called vocaboly and the other is wordhacker. After using the two, you can take online tests of your verbal skills and also download and other gre prep material from

5. Anon: Hey guys....jst want to knw tht u applied thrugh ny consultancy? or directly ur self?
.whch option is best? i want to apply for PhD..GRE on 30th.. 
Answer by another poster: Its always more advisable to do ur own research n apply.... consultancy will cost u a fortune , plus, hw can u rely on them to make your decision? Ask seniors, post ur doubts here... this community helped me a lot!! 

Important: If you want to download GRE Prepration Material, you've come to the right blog. Please use the links on the right hand sidebar to navigate to the study material you need and feel free to download.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

How to Prepare for GRE

Loads of people ask me this question - How do I start my preparation for the GRE exam? I normally just point them to this blog. But even people who visit ask this question in the comments section. So i decided to write a short guide on preparing for the Graduate Record Examination.

Firstly, make sure that when you register for the test, you have at least 3 months to study! Anything less than that is educational suicide - unless you're in the IIT...

Secondly, there is no such strategy which says that you should start studying from the Verbal section and then move on to Quants or vice-versa. Start with whatever you are comfortable with! I started preparing with the verbal section because my language skills are far better than my mathematical skills. Starting your preparation with something you find easy helps defuse stress and arouse interest in what you're studying.
GRE preparation books
The GRE preparation study is never can't have enough practice in maths and almost nobody can memorize the meanings of all those thousands of words. So these 2 things - Quants and Words - should be universal in your preparation, i.e. you should study them every day even as you set up targets for the more particular sections.

Those who are good with English should not get overconfident. The reading comprehension section can be quite tricky. Its not like those simple comprehension passages that you get in your 10th and 12th standard board exams.

Some of the books I recommend for GRE preparation you will find on the right sidebar of this blog. Quite a few are available on this blog for free download if you know where to look (just click in the right places!) make your preparation a mixture of online and offline study. I always recommend for their short mock tests.

Finally, dont procrastinate (if you don't know the meaning of this word, your GRE preparation is lagging!). Laziness never did you any good and never will. If you find it difficult to study in the morning, then be a night bird and work hard.

Once you think you have studied enough, start giving the mock test in the ETS powerprep CD. That test will give you a good indication of where you stand. Identify your weak areas from the result of the test and try to strengthen them with practice. As the Bhagwad Gita says, "karma kar, Fal ki Chinta Mat kar" . May the force be with you!

Those who have already given their GRE are most welcome to share their experiences and provide tips in the comments section.