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Thursday, December 06, 2007

GRE Changes of November

GRE test takers experienced the new question types introduced this November. The introduction of new question types in the Sentence Completion and Quantitative sections was a well planned and systematic move by Education Testing Service (ETS) after their withdrawal of the proposed sudden and big changes in April 2007 worldwide.

This time the changes have been introduced in a very test-taker-friendly manner. The changes occurred in the form of at most one question each (either there will be one question of new type or none) in the Quantitative reasoning and Verbal reasoning modules of the test.

Moreover, in the initial takes (not clearly specified) of the test the new question type will not contribute to the test taker's score but the catch here is that test takers will not know when it actually started contributing to their score. In any case, it is time to get accustomed to the new types and start practicing them more often during your preparation for GRE.

Some Practice Questions for the New GRE Question Types (Verbal)

GRE Verbal: NEW* Sentence Completion

1. The company's strategy __(Blank 1)__ focusing on the changing market, establishing __(Blank 2)__ distribution partnerships, making well timed investments and developing __(Blank 3)__ product features.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










2. Progressive business leaders welcome constructive __(Blank 1)__ as a __(Blank 2)__ that leads to __(Blank 3)__ improvements in the quality of their decision making process.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










3. The deal was a __(Blank 1)__ to show he had a gift for __(Blank 2)__ after years spent bringing order to __(Blank 3)__ groups of companies lacking strong coordination from the centre.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










4. Ultimately, in the __(Blank 1)__ against global poverty, it is the affected __(Blank 2)__, that have to pull themselves up and out of the __(Blank 3)__ swamp.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










5. The current makeover addresses inferior __(Blank 1)__ of service and __(Blank 2)__, lack of appropriate training, poor time management and __(Blank 3)__ pricing.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










6. Some companies are __(Blank 1)__ on manufacturing industrial equipment in India with the objective of reducing cost and making the country their __(Blank 2)__ hub for __(Blank 3)__ equipment to neighboring countries.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










7. The earliest known Greek __(Blank 1)__ are Mycenaean, written on clay tablets, and __(Blank 2)__ records, but cannot be __(Blank 3)__ literature.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










8. The Phoenician alphabet, a __(Blank 1)__ of the Semitic alphabet of the Canaanite area was __(Blank 2)__ throughout the Mediterranean world by the traders sailing along the __(Blank 3)__ trade routes.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










9. A method suggested to enhance __(Blank 1)__ productivity is to build one's __(Blank 2)__ by working to the body's natural bio-rhythm of the __(Blank 3)__ and renewing of energy throughout the day.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










10. Aristotle clearly __(Blank 1)__ that the __(Blank 2)__ plot is better than the simple one; in it there is the sudden reversal of situation and the __(Blank 3)__ of the truth.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










11. The __(Blank 1)__ of feminist scholarship and funds for __(Blank 2)__, gave a new __(Blank 3)__ to the new ways of thinking about women.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










12. The __(Blank 1)__ Indian Scriptures __(Blank 2)__ the original dance forms as the manifestation of the __(Blank 3)__ rhythmic energy.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










13. Freud's work was __(Blank 1)__ by Rousseau's and the widely __(Blank 2)__ notion of hidden, __(Blank 3)__ forces at work in human nature.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










14. The corporation's __(Blank 1)__ franchise partner has decided to exit the mass production business and __(Blank 2)__ only on the __(Blank 3)__ brands.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










15. One __(Blank 1)__ of record breaking skyscrapers is that they can say as much about __(Blank 2)__ as they can about wealth, __(Blank 3)__ and technology.

Blank 1

Blank 2

Blank 3










* Only Three blank questions are given here. As per the changed pattern, the other two ways possible are two blank questions and passage type questions.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Get Scholarship Even With Low GRE Score

For GRE score less than 1200, there are very good chances that you will get admission, but admission with Financial aid or scholarship will be little difficult. Keep reading, I will uncover few tips that might just get what you wanted.

If the graduate schools admission committee is pleased with your performance by looking at high GRE score, papers presentation, projects, recommendation letters from high profile professors, they want such students to study in their school and they give admission with some form of Financial aid or Scholarship.

That doesn't mean students with Low GRE are less capable. There are few things that can be done to increase your chances to get college admission with scholarship.

- Ask your professors who recommends you to highlight the achievements from the project work or paper presentation

- Include the copies of your project report along with the graduate schools application packet

- Include copies of all certificates ( Training, computer course, extra-curricular activities)

- Personally contact professors if your research interests are the same as area professors is working on and explain your achievements, chances are you will get admission and and asked to work for him after the class starts. Which is a good sign.

If any of the above doesn't help you to scholarship or some form of Financial aid, don't give up. Get your visa and head to the school where things looks good in terms of funding. Read about short listing from previous posts to understand which universities to select from list of schools you got admission.

Once, you reach university even before the classes start, start looking for college campus part time jobs. If you happen to be in school where there are more International Students, its all about being in right place at right time to get part time job.

Then get an appointment with your professors and start working for him, based on your work, you will be given scholarship or financial aid.

So, even with Low GRE score, by contacting the professors, will double your admission chances.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

GRE® General Test to Include New Question Types

Computer-Based GRE® General Test to Include New Question Types in November 2007

Beginning in November 2007, two new question types will be included in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the computer-based GRE® General Test. Test takers may see ONE new Verbal question or ONE new Quantitative question or no new questions at all. No test taker will receive more than ONE new question. The new question types are part of the first phase of the General Test improvements that will be introduced gradually over time.

The new question types have been through extensive field trials, and the results indicate that they are functioning as intended. The GRE Program will begin counting these question types toward examinee scores as soon as an adequate sample of data from the operational testing environment is available.
Read more on the ETS official website

Download Sample Questions and Strategies

* New Verbal Reasoning Question Type: Text Completions (PDF)
* New Quantitative Reasoning Question Type: Numeric Entry (PDF)

Monday, July 30, 2007

More GRE Study Material for Download

Friends, students, GRE test takers - whatever way you'd like to be addressed. After a long time I'm adding more study material for the GRE for you to download and use. Wont give any lecture, here's the stuff:

  • 5 GRE Verbal Tests - An "800" is the highest possible score on a GRE section. Over the last 8 years, 800score has helped over 100,000 students get their highest possible score...
  • Quant Software for GRE - Qaunts is an important section of GRE which can trun out to be quite tricky! Brush up your quant skills with the software and questions database in this package.
  • Kaplan software for GRE - Achieve the scores you need to get into the graduate school of your choice using Kaplan Higher Score GRE software. The Kaplan method has helped millions prepare for the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT exams--tests that can make or break your professional future.

Oh and one important thing. Because there have been problems with previous download links that I have setup (sometimes bandwidth limit gets exceeded...etc etc), I have also included an alternative rapidshare download link for all 3 files above on the main download page itself (which you reach by clicking on the file names mentioned above). So in case you have problems downloading, you can always use the 2nd link!

Thats it for now. I'l try and update this blog more frequently, though its getting difficult now that I'm about to start working. Wish me luck guys! Cheers and all the best for your Graduate Record Examination...

Monday, June 25, 2007

GRE Test Preparation Guidelines

The important points that are very helpful in GRE Test PREP are.

* Effective time management.
* Awareness of the test sections and structure.
* Repeated practice.
* Start Preparation with out delay.
* Repeated tests to assess oneself.
* Work harder on weakness.

Preparing for a test is never an easy task. Added GRE Test Prep is also not easy. It is important to learn to avoid anxiety during GRE Test Prep. The only way of doing this is through Planned GRE Test prep. Preparation is possible only through practice. Repeated practice on the samples of the test designed and presented in the same format as the original and with the time limitations is the best way to prepare for the original GRE.

The next crucial point to remember is to accustom oneself on the basic foundations of the syllabus in the question sections.

The choice of how to prepare for the GRE is entirely the student s decision. The method chosen for GRE test Prep is not of importance, only the time spent on GRE test Prep acquiring the skill needed to take the test counts.

The first point as said earlier is the student s ability of time management. It is important to keep track of time while taking the test.

The GRE test has a time limit to adhere to. Each section is provided with a separate time slot in which they have to be completed. There are no extensions provided to complete the tasks. Therefore the student should practice answering the model questioner within the original time limit of the GRE test.

It is essential that you plan out a schedule to work on sample tests and brush up on your fundamentals. By taking a sample test before beginning the GRE Test Prep the student will be able to ascertain the subject area that he is weak in and work towards improving those pertaining areas.

By setting aside time for daily practice and following this schedule you can help prepare yourself for the GRE test. If you choose you can also opt for any institute specializing in such training.

More information on GRE test prep and sample questioner can be acquired from the following web sites:

* Kaplan
* Princeton Review
* GreBible
* GRE Official website

Thursday, May 24, 2007

GRE Registrations FAQ

How do I register for the GRE computer-based General Test?

In the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada there are three ways to register for the GRE computer-based General Test:

  • Online- Credit card required.
  • Phone - Call 1-800-GRE-CALL (1-800-473-2255), 1-443-751-4820, or a test center directly. Credit card or voucher number required.
  • Mail - Download and complete the Authorization Voucher Request Form (PDF). Mail it with your payment to the address printed on the form.

For additional information, view the detailed registration instructions for each registration method.

Outside the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada there are four ways to register for the GRE computer-based General Test.

For additional information, view the detailed registration instructions for each registration method.

How do I register for the GRE paper-based General Test?

You can register for the GRE paper-based General Test online or by mail. Paper-based administrations are only offered in areas of the world where computer-based testing is not available.

  • Online - Credit card required. Not available in Nigeria.
  • Mail - Download and complete the GRE Registration Form (PDF). Mail it with your payment to the address printed on the form. Credit card, money order or certified check only.

For additional information, view the detailed registration instructions for each registration method.

How do I register for a GRE Subject Test?

You can register for a GRE Subject Test online or by mail:

  • Online - Credit card required. Not available in Nigeria.
  • Mail - Download and complete the GRE Registration Form (PDF). Mail it with your payment to the address printed on the form. Credit card, money order or certified check only.

For additional information, view the detailed registration instructions for each registration method.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Scholarship Always Handy for College

Most of you trying out for your GRE out there must be having another oncern - that of getting a scholarship. In fact, most of you want to score those extra marks just so that some good samaritan helps you out with one of those gleaming scholarships that reduce your college fees to nil! There are a few colleges in the US that have actually tied up with scholaship organziations and websites to help students fund at least a part of thier course with scholarhips - one such institution being Collins College. It offers associate's and bahelor's degrees and is a private institution.

There are other sources of funding your scholarships too. You can always check out scholarships offered by the Government under the HRD ministry. And of course, there are the fulbright scholarhips that you ought to try out - they ar normally funded by the US government and the partner government. For example, in India - the fulbright scholarships are funded by Indian and American governments and there is a proposal to involve the private sector into this field too..which of course is great news for all of us.

Even if ou dont get a scholarship, you can aways work part time to cover your tution fees - and in some cases earn a surplus to send home! But as I said earlier, a scholarship is always handy - it will make you more secure as a student studying in a US university.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Revised GRE General Test Cancelled

Rejoice friends! Plans to introduce the Revised GRE gneral test in fall 2007 have now been cancelled.

Following is the press release from the ETS website:
In consultation with the Executive Committee of the Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®) Board, ETS has cancelled plans to launch the revised GRE General Test. While ETS and the Board remain committed to improving the test, on balance, and after thorough review, it became clear that full access to the test for all students could not be confidently assured. The decision to cancel the launch was made with the best interests of test takers and score users in mind.
ETS originally planned to launch the revised GRE General Test worldwide in September. Instead, the company will continue to offer the test worldwide in its current computer-based, continuous testing format. Registrations in India, China and Japan, which had been closed, will be reopened in the near future to accommodate application deadlines. Likewise, registrations for the current GRE General Test will continue elsewhere.

The primary reason for cancelling the launch of the revised GRE General Test was test taker access. Plans called for the revised test to be delivered over the new worldwide network of 3,200 Internet-based testing centers. Despite the network's size, ETS officials did not believe that full access to the General Test for all students could be confidently assured.

Dont believe me, check it out on ETS itself!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The GRE Big Book

Hii friends, its been long since my last post. Well there was nothing much to post really so I was mostly replying to comments you guys leave in blog posts. Please feel free to post your comments or any problems that you face downloading the gre stuff and I'll be glad to reply.

And finally, I have for you to download, the real big book package!

Download the GRE Big Book (5mb approx)

Latest GRE Download added 1st May 2007: GRE RC Introduction (word document,64 kb)

Here are the rest of the pages having download links for GRE Preparation material (in case you miss them):

Page 1
(includes Barron's How to prepare for the GRE, Kaplan Verbal Workbook, ETS Powerprep and more...)

Page 2
(includes gre vocabulary enhancing software like vocaboly, wordhacker and verbologist...also includes GRE AWA guide - a must download!!)

Page 3 (includes other helpful study material like Barron's GRE flash cards, Peterson's writing skills for GRE and GMAT and more...)

Page 4 (Cambridge Software for GRE + Arco's Teach yourself the GRE in 24 hours)

Page 5 (Hangman Pro and Crack the GRE)

Unfortunately, there has been no soft copy (ebook) of the Revised GRE syllabus as of now. Barrons and Nova are yet to publish books according to the revised gre exam pattern. So its better that you buy the stuff this time! So all you can do is buy the Revised GRE Guide by ETS from (I'm not sure if its arrived in Indian stores yet, thats why. Plus, Amazon is the most trusted online shopping location in the world)

All the best for your Graduate Record Examination!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Revised GRE General Test 2007

Overview of the Revised GRE General Test

The revised Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®) General Test will be offered for the first time worldwide in September. The first test dates will be September 10, 15 or 16 (depending upon location), and 29, 2007.

With the new test, the GRE Program will introduce a significantly revised and improved GRE General Test. The primary reasoning for the revisions to the test are to (1) address current and potential future security challenges associated with continuous testing, and (2) increase the validity of the test by reducing the possible effects of memorization in the Verbal and Analytical Writing sections of the test. Revisions to the test are also being made to provide faculty with better information on applicants' performance, and measure skills more directly related to graduate study.

Revisions to the test include revisions to the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing measures; modifications to test structure and administration, and new Verbal and Quantitative score scales.

The revised General Test will measure the same general skills that are measured on the current General Test: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing. However, each of the sections will be revised to better focus on skills that are necessary for success in graduate school.

The New Verbal Reasoning Section

  • Measures the ability to
    • understand the meanings of words, sentences, and entire texts; understand relationships among words and among concepts
    • select important points; distinguish major from minor or irrelevant points; summarize text; understand the structure of a text
    • analyze and draw conclusions from discourse; reason from incomplete data; identify author’s/speaker’s assumptions and/or perspective; understand multiple levels of meaning (such as literal, figurative, text’s intent, etc.)
  • Emphasis on skills related to graduate work, such as complex reasoning
    • increased emphasis on inferential reasoning
    • increased emphasis on verbal reasoning in context
    • increased number of reading comprehension questions based on a greater variety of reading passages
    • reduced emphasis on vocabulary out of context (no Antonyms or Analogies)
  • Inclusion of new question formats other than traditional multiple choice (e.g., highlighting a sentence in a passage that serves the function described in the question)
  • Two 40-minute sections
  • Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions

The New Quantitative Reasoning Section
  • Measures the ability to
    • Understand quantitative information
    • Interpret and analyze quantitative information
    • Solve problems in a quantitative setting
    • Apply basic mathematical skills and elementary mathematical concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics
  • Quantitative reasoning skills that are similar to skills generally used in graduate school
    • increased emphasis on questions involving real-life scenarios
    • increased emphasis on data interpretation
    • reduced emphasis on Geometry
  • On-screen four-function calculator with square root (reduced emphasis on computation)
  • Inclusion of new question formats other than multiple-choice (such as entering a numeric answer via a keyboard)
  • Two 40-minute sections
  • Quantitative Reasoning Sample Questions (coming soom!)

The New Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing Section

  • A new name to more accurately reflect the skills being measured
  • A performance-based measure that integrates the assessment of critical thinking and analytical writing
  • Measures the ability to
    • articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively
    • examine claims and accompanying evidence
    • support ideas with relevant reasons and examples
    • sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion
    • control the elements of standard written English
  • New, more focused prompts
    • Requires a more specific response from the test taker
    • Will reduce the possibility of reliance on memorized materials
  • The Issue and Argument tasks are each 30 minutes in length
  • Essay responses will be made available electronically to institutional score recipients
  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing Sample Topics (coming aoon!)

The New Verbal and Quantitative Score Scale

The mean of the new score scales will be 150 with an expected range will be 130 to 170, in 1-point increments. Final specification of the precise score scales will be determined based on data from the initial revised General Test administrations, before scores are reported.

  • Advantages of the new score scales include:
    • The Verbal and Quantitative means will be aligned which will allow score users to see relative strengths for a particular candidate.
    • Score users will be less likely to interpret small score differences as meaningful differences between candidates.
    • The new scales will help facilitate more appropriate comparisons between candidates.
    • The new score scales are compatible with backend systems in most graduate schools.
    • The new score scales will not be easily confused with scores from the current General Test or the Subject Tests.
  • The score scale for the Analytical Writing section will continue to be 0 to 6, in half-point increments.
  • Scores will continue to be available for reporting for 5 years following the examinee’s test administration.

Sample Revised General Test Score Report

Test Date



Original Score

New Score

% Below













*For tests taken beginning in September 2007, scores will be printed in the "New Score" column and dashes will be printed in the "Original Score" column. For tests taken before September 2007, scores will be printed in the "Original Score" column and approximate equivalents on the new scale will be printed in the "New Score" column.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

GRE Registrations Closed

Registrations for the Graduate Record Examination have now been closed. Please note that:

>The current General Test will no longer be offered after July 31, 2007.

->The first test dates for the revised GRE General Test will be September 10, 15 or 16, 2007 (depending upon location), and September 29, 2007. Registration for these test dates will open in July 2007.

->Registration for the revised General Test will open in July 2007.

->Individuals who register to take the GRE General Test before the end of July 2007 will not be able to transfer their registration to the revised General Test that is being introduced in September 2007. Similarly, individuals who register in July 2007 for the revised General Test will not be able to transfer to a current General Test administration prior to August 1, 2007

->If there are no seats available, or registration in your country has been shut down, you will need to take the revised General Test that will be introduced in September 2007.

->Once registration closes in a particular country, it will not reopen.

->The revised General Test being introduced in September 2007 will consist of revised Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing sections. These same three sections are in the current test; however, each of the sections will be revised to better focus on skills necessary for success in graduate school.

In addition, the test is changing from an adaptive test format, in which the questions presented to each examinee vary according to his or her performance, to a linear test format, in which all examinees testing at the same time receive the same questions. The name of the Analytical Writing section is being changed to Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing to more accurately reflect the skills being measured.

Important: If you like reading this blog, then please download Mozilla Firefox browser - the world's safest and fastest web browser which has also won a no. of awards from reputed PC magazines like PC Quest and CHIP. The reason I'm recommending it to you is that many a times GRE Ghost is not properly diplayed on Internet Explorer, and you might miss some of the important things that you need for your GRE! Besides I'm sure once you start using it, you'l put Internet Explorer in the junk just like me. You can download the Mozilla Firefox browser from one of the buttons after this post, to the left of the one for Google Pack. Feed Readers you will have to visit the blog to download it. Cheers!