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Saturday, July 22, 2006

GRE Sentence Completion

Sentence completion questions account for about one quarter of the marks for the verbal section of GRE. Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense. Be sure to study the sentence carefully so that you notice all the clues built into the sentence.
On average you will need a 45-50 seconds to answer each question. Our mini tests have 12 questions to be answered in 10 minutes.


Each sentence has one or two blanks. Choose the answer choice that contains the word or words that best complete the sentence.


There are some people who think that only the poor and less educated people use slang, but this idea is _________.

(A) accurate

(B) popular

(C) erroneous

(D) widespread

(E) ineffectual

Consider these two examples:
Because of the heavy rainfall in the spring, the tenants were ---- about flooding. Despite the heavy rainfall, the tenants were ---- about flooding.
What kind of word fits in the blank in the top sentence? Well, if it is raining a lot, then it is natural for people to be worried about flooding.
So the word worried or concerned might fit in the blank. We know this from the opening words of the sentence which say: "Because of the heavy rainfall."
Now the second sentence begins with the word despite, which is telling us that the tenants are feeling something even though there had been a lot of rain.
The meaning of the word in the blank is therefore probably one that means the opposite of what you would expect the tenants to be feeling if there was heavy rain.
So in the second sentence we should look for an answer that means unconcerned and not worried.
There will always be a clue as to the logical structure of the sentence in the words that are available.


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Christopher said...

I've been tutoring the GRE for ten years and have been writing questions for nearly as long. To be fair, this exercise gives nothing more than a sense of what a sentence completion looks like. In terms of difficulty, indeed in terms of anything approaching what you would see on the test, these questions are so easy as to be totally misleading.

-Christopher of

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it is need to improve GRE Sentence skills for pass GRE