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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

GRE Registrations Closed

Registrations for the Graduate Record Examination have now been closed. Please note that:

>The current General Test will no longer be offered after July 31, 2007.

->The first test dates for the revised GRE General Test will be September 10, 15 or 16, 2007 (depending upon location), and September 29, 2007. Registration for these test dates will open in July 2007.

->Registration for the revised General Test will open in July 2007.

->Individuals who register to take the GRE General Test before the end of July 2007 will not be able to transfer their registration to the revised General Test that is being introduced in September 2007. Similarly, individuals who register in July 2007 for the revised General Test will not be able to transfer to a current General Test administration prior to August 1, 2007

->If there are no seats available, or registration in your country has been shut down, you will need to take the revised General Test that will be introduced in September 2007.

->Once registration closes in a particular country, it will not reopen.

->The revised General Test being introduced in September 2007 will consist of revised Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing sections. These same three sections are in the current test; however, each of the sections will be revised to better focus on skills necessary for success in graduate school.

In addition, the test is changing from an adaptive test format, in which the questions presented to each examinee vary according to his or her performance, to a linear test format, in which all examinees testing at the same time receive the same questions. The name of the Analytical Writing section is being changed to Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing to more accurately reflect the skills being measured.

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