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Friday, December 22, 2006

GRE Expereiences - II

This post would not have been possible if I hadn't chanced across this file on my pc's my documents folder. Just 3 days before my GRE exam (my exam was on September 4 this year), I saw some guys experiences in the orkut gre community who had scored some 1400+ marks n they had actually remembered the words of their gre verbal section.

I had just copied their experiences into a word document, just to have a quick read before the GRE.

Here they are:

Person 1:

hey, .. i managed 1400 ( 620 in verbal n 780 math

)..maths section was not quite as expected, was a bit tough than wat i had assumed.. N bout the verbal section, got some reaaly tough antonyms in the first 5 questions, rest was fine..

overall the paper was tough than wat i had expected, with a few words outside barrons..

some words were:

concord, intemperance, balky , proclivity , fluvial, befriended, frenetic i don't rem.

sentence comps and analogies were very simlple..

hey just be calm , n do take the tutorial, it'l certainly help!!

Person 2:

gave my gre today .got 1400 ..i beleive lot of people here are creating too much fear among us .its not that hard this whole i forum i find only few people giving valuable suggestions.infact the key to success is first 10 questions if u can do those well u r guranteed a score of 1350 atleast .i guessed two rcs .which accounted for six questions randomly ........becoz it was not in first 10 questions yet i got 650 in english bcoz i mad sure that i did the first 10 questions right.......Barrons is more than sufficient.................for me there was no word out of it.............the key to success in gre is ......learn barrons and Stay COOL ON THE JUDGEMENT DAY>>>>>>>>>>>dont study for last couple of days.......i beleive only cool head can give u about 100 score extra.......Maths was a little tough ............

maths was tough in the sense the basics were same given in gre but the questions had long statements and were kind of twisted....the only topics i feel one should do out of barrons r time, work, mean mode median standard deviation till basic level.....barrons is really good for comparison questions.....

GRE Preparation

Monday, December 04, 2006

More resources for GRE Preparation

Hello my friends and GRE aspirants. I am adding two new resources for gre preparation. Hope you find them useful. Of course, to maximise your gre score, you've got to be focussed on ur gre prep. Dont lose interest in studying after a few days of initial enthusiasm. The rest, as they say, shall be history. Here goes:

Here are some other pages on this blogs where I have posted download links for other gre prep material earlier:

Page 1
(includes Barron's How to prepare for the GRE, Kaplan Verbal Workbook, ETS Powerprep and more...)

Page 2
(includes gre vocabulary enhancing software like vocaboly, wordhacker and verbologist...also includes GRE AWA guide - a must download!!)

Page 3 (includes other helpful study material like Barron's GRE flash cards, Peterson's writing skills for GRE and GMAT and more...)

That will be all for this post. I wish you all the best for your GRE. Good luck and take care!