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Saturday, May 08, 2010

GRE Questions and Answers

1. Hema: Hi all. m a 2nd yr student of Journalism n Mass Communication.i wish 2 study abroad in d same field n plannin 2 apply 4 GRE nxt yr in any1 plz tl me wot score do v need to get in ordr 2 get a univrsty Scholarship???
Answer: 1200 would be an ideal score. Make sure you do particularly well in the verbal section
2. Hema:  Is it a gud score enough to get a scholarship???
Usually if you get a perfect score...u will in all probability get a scholarship. In many cases 1400+ scores manage to get some sort of scholarhsip - if you have relevant education or experience then that also helps

Answer by another poster: You have lots of time to complete gre...but make it sure dat u r done wit it by da end of u r an engg student, u don need to worry about quant...even if u dunno anythng u can finish quant in 1 to 2 months time...if u r aimig high,u need to crack verbal...daily do wrdlists from barrons...just one wrdlist is enough...practice r.c's and analogies...
If its too early means u will be writing gre nxt june or july and many ppl r saying dat gre pattern will be changing by nxt aug...but the key areas wont change mostly...wat i heard is dey will be giving more of r.c's and analogies dan antonyms...

4. Yingy:  I got 800 for Quantitative score, 320 for Verbal score. How can I improve my verbal skill? Do you have any Games like hang man so that i can download to develop my skill.
Answer: Hi Yingy, there are some softwares that you can use to improve your verbal skills. One is called vocaboly and the other is wordhacker. After using the two, you can take online tests of your verbal skills and also download and other gre prep material from

5. Anon: Hey guys....jst want to knw tht u applied thrugh ny consultancy? or directly ur self?
.whch option is best? i want to apply for PhD..GRE on 30th.. 
Answer by another poster: Its always more advisable to do ur own research n apply.... consultancy will cost u a fortune , plus, hw can u rely on them to make your decision? Ask seniors, post ur doubts here... this community helped me a lot!! 

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hi. I am a Third year student from VJTI, Mumbai...I have taken my GRE date as 16th August, 2010.. What kind of planning should i have for preparing myself for the big day???

Anonymous said...

Hey please help me i need GRE Big Book quant part..... my exam is in couple of weeks..... please mail me to
Thanx in advance........

Anonymous said...

I am almost 50 and haven't been in school since I grad'd college in 1983. However I read extensively and have a large vocab. Beyond reading your blog completely, do you have any other tips? Can I go ahead and take the sample test you offer and see where I stand? I have always tested well.....

Sarthak said...

Dear anonymous above, do remmeber that vocab is not the only criteria to pass the gre with a good score. You will need to have good mathematical skills as well. Its necessary to practise the type of maths questions that you will get in the gre.

Do take the online practice tests on and hwne you're ready test yourself on the gre powerprep software. If you;re scoring consitently well on the software, that means you're ready fo the test

adwitiya said...

i want to pursue my Masters in computer science from UK. what score in GRE/TOEFL do i require to get into
these :
1 Cambridge
2 Oxford
3 Imperial College
4 York
5 Bristol
6 Univ Coll London
7 Southampton
8 Bath
9 Warwick
10 Surrey
11= St Andrews
11= Edinburgh
13 Durham
14 Swansea
15 Manchester
16 Lancaster
17 Sheffield
18 Sussex
19 Cardiff
20 Nottingham

also, tell me what score can provide me a decent scholarship??

Mayuri said...

Hi all!!

I hope to find the answer to my question on this page.

I am applying to give GRE before aug 2011,Is it possible that i give the exam this time,but would be able to apply for the fall session of the year 2012(since i might be late to allpy for the paper this time,somewhere around oct, and till then the procedure of application for fall 2011 would be over).Is there a provision in gre which allows us to apply to the admission sessions of one year later programs?

Sarthak said...

Dear Mayuri,

Your GRE test score is valid till the next 5 years from the day you take the exam. So you can apply to US universitites any time during those 5 years for whaetevr course you want to study!

Mayuri said...


First of all,let me thank you for the reply.

I know that the GRE score is valid for 5 years, but what i intended to ask was a bit different.

ETS sends our scores to any 5 universities for free, and this we have to specify when we apply for the test.But since i shall not be applying for the universities for fall 2011, can i still specify in the form : university X, session FALL, year YYYY?

If not then, I would be losing the opportunity for applying for free to any 5 universities,since i will not be taking admission for the immediate 2011 sessions :(

Cheers to u
thank u

Sarthak said...

You're most welcome Mayuro :)

Well, as far a I know you can apply only for the following session to those 5 universities at the time of your GRE exam. But its ok you shouldn't mind spending some money on couriering your applications to the US when you plan to do would be peanuts compared to your tuition fee.

Mayuri said...


Cheers to this blog and to u for clearing my doubt.

Thank you
Keep going :)

rohit said... name is rohit jindal
i hav my bachelors in pharmacy..
i got 760 in quants in jus 320 in pls pls tel how can i improve mine score..
n i am interested for how much dey require for dis...

Thank You

LAVAN said...

hi all..i booked my gre date on nov 22dd this year,my doubt is wat after the test..
how to select the best university...
for my profile?
is there any need to take the toefl coaching if s then wat is the best coaching center in hyd..Reply me soon thank you all

pmp training said...

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sahil dubey said...

hi im SAHIL DUBEY could you please tell me how to prepare for gre as mugging up 3500 words is not an esay task ...

Gautam Marwaha said...

mech engg pass out. honors degree 76% in last two years
2 publications
3 internships and as many projects
part of the SAE BAJA team
TOEFL score 114
would a score of upto 1400 for top univs in Canada or do i need over 1500.
more importantly how much do the AWA scores matter..


pmp prep exam said...

6,000 total PMP (Project Management Professional) Test questions in one simulation software. Updated for 2010 Based on PMI PMBOK 4th Edition, Initiating the Project (11%), Planning the Project (23%), Executing the Project (27%), Monitoring and Controlling the Project (21%), Closing the Project (9%), Professional and Social Responsibility (9%) Software uses a Time Limit of 4 hours per exam

Anonymous said...

Hello all friends! Could all of you help me please? I intend to take GRE on Feb next year but i can not get high scores for verbal section... Do you know how i can improve it? many thanks


GRE said...

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i have created a GRE blog
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mathew said...

I just passed my GRE but am not happy about the score. Can anyone pls mentor and we can work together/study

Rohitq said...

You can also go to for good GRE material.

Anonymous said...

Most of these links are either dead or the books are outdated with latest versions available
You can find new versions and many more books on this blog -

Somsubhro Mukherjee said...

I have heard that US students must complete a four year Bachelor degree in order to go on to earn their Masters degree.I am from lndia I am running student of science in bachelor 1st year level. In India we generally have a 3 year under graduate course.I was wondering if GRE not valid for 3 years bacholer degree holder to study USA under full scholarship?

Taki said...

Hi i m Karthik from Chennai. I have completed my B.E, Agriculture. I wanna do M.S. Agribusiness Management. Wat will be a gud score for this particular course. I m taking my gre on July 8th.
Suggest me pls..!!

p@nDu said...

hello sir,
I am Karthik doin my 4th B-Tech. I am very much willing to do my MBA from sum good business school.I came to know dat a few of reputed B-Schools are accepting GRE scores as a criteria 4r admissions.

I would be very much grateful to u if u coul;d please provide me some informationj regarding the same.

hp said...

HI,its vignesh doin my UG in REC CHENNAI B.E COMPUTER SCI.2nd yr my plan is to write my GRE exam in my 3rd is it good write the exam in the upcoming changed pattern in GRE??WILL THAT AFFECT MY MARK IN ANY WAY??..need ur expertise in choosing when to take my GRE thank u!!..

hp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Soham said...

hey please help me as m in big confusion.
m in third yr in dual degree mtech.n aftr dat i want to go abroad for Phd bt i noe vry less abt GRE n scholarships cn u plz help me :).

Anonymous said...

im in 2nd yr doin comp engg...
plz tell me about gre. iv no idea about the test,scholarship etc..?!?
also wen is it appropriate to giv the test...??

Anonymous said...

I ve got the admissin in GRE this year. What to do now I mean what should be my planning any suggestion.

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tweety said...

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Anonymous said...

any suggestion for good gre math book? my essay skill is pretty good and I don't worry about the verbal section however my math is really low level. I need to quickly learn everything, any book, tool etc?

Anonymous said...

for gre vocabulary try

idown said...


Shrikant said...

I hav so many doubts. seeking for ur immedieate response.

my gre score is 145 in verbal and 150 in quant.
hope u know that the score is in the 130-170 scale as per the new revised pattern.(and not in 200-800 scale)

along with this,I have an experince of 3+years in software development,
will that help me secure the admission and for scholarship or else?
I hav applied for the following univrsities for corrosponding departments.


if u know, any good university other than above is possible with this score for applied fields?
any help will be greatly appreciated.

Vijay Shankar Chand said...

hi every one ! i have completed my PGDM with Marketing and HR, can any one please tell me that whether i can do PhD with my stream or not?

kindly reply me!

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Alen Jones said...


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Do I need to take classroom coaching too..?

Priya Apte said...

i m nd year student ,studying in iit ,i wanna know much abt ms
i mean wht should i do for preparation for gre and who can give that exam ?????

Priya Apte said...

i m 2nd year student ,studying in iit ,i wanna know much abt ms
i mean wht should i do for preparation for gre and who can give that exam ?????

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nancy john said...

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